Willie E Gary Net Worth, Cars, Houses, Legal Career, Family, Legacy 2024

With a net worth of $215 million, Willie E. Gary is an American lawyer, businessman, and motivational speaker. He was dubbed “The Giant Killer” for his successful representation of clients against some of the biggest companies in America.

Willie E Gary Net Worth 2024 

In 2024, reliable sources estimate Willie E. Gary’s net worth to be $215 million. The majority of his wealth comes from contingency fees earned from his high-profile litigation victories. It’s estimated that Gary has won over $10 billion for his clients throughout his lengthy legal career. 

Taking a typical 30-50% cut of those judgments has made him an extremely wealthy man. Apart from his law career, Gary has earned money from speaking fees, book royalties, and business investments. He lives a lavish lifestyle with multiple homes, including a $5 million waterfront mansion in Florida.

Early Life and Career

Willie E. Gary was born on July 12, 1947, in Eastman, Georgia. Despite growing up in extreme poverty as the child of sharecropper parents, Turner and Mary Gary, he overcame the odds to achieve great success. The family, consisting of 11 children, often lived in tents as they migrated in search of work.

When the boy was thirteen, the family moved to Indiantown, Florida. In order to provide for his family, Willie launched his own landscaping company. His persistence paid off when Shaw University offered him a football scholarship. It was then that he met Gloria Royal, the woman he would eventually marry and remains married to to this day.

After obtaining his law degree from North Carolina Central University in 1974, Gary faced racism and rejection from many law firms that were unwilling to hire Black attorneys. Undeterred, he started his own pioneering firm that year, which became the first Black law firm in Martin County, Florida.

Contingency Lawsuits Make Gary Ultra-Wealthy

Taking on cases on a contingency fee basis—that is, his business only gets paid if they win a settlement or a favorable judgment for their client—was how Willie E. Gary accumulated his riches.

Usually, contingency fee rates fall between thirty and fifty percent of the total award. For example, Gary’s firm might get $30–$50 million if he wins a $100 million case.

This style of running a law company entails a lot of risk-taking because they pay for all litigation expenses. Still, Gary has proven to be a very good at winning significant verdicts.

Notable Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts:

. $500 million vs. Loewen Group funeral chain

. $240 million vs. Disney for client All Pro Sports

. $23 billion vs. RJ Reynolds Tobacco (later overturned)

Despite receiving large windfalls from astronomical contingencies, Gary has also faced financial difficulties over the years in funding his very expensive litigation campaigns. In 2013, his home was even raided to collect $3.2 million in unpaid debts and loans that were used to finance his legal cases.

The Historic $500 Million Funeral Home Verdict

In Gary’s most famous case, he represented a small funeral home operator named Jeremiah O’Keefe who was suing a large funeral chain called the Loewen Group.

. O’Keefe alleged Loewen reneged on a contract they had in place

. Gary filed a $500 million lawsuit on behalf of O’Keefe in 1995

. After a lengthy court battle, Gary won a stunning $500 million verdict for O’Keefe

. On appeal, the case ultimately settled for $175 million

This case was featured in the 2022 Amazon Prime Video movie “The Burial,” with Jamie Foxx portraying Willie E. Gary.

Willie E. Gary’s Personal Life and Philanthropy 

Gary has had tremendous success in his career, but because of his supportive family, he has maintained his groundedness. He has been happily married to Gloria Royal, his college sweetheart, for a long time. Together, they have five amazing children: Kenneth, Sekou, Ali, Kelly, and Ashley.

Gary was so kind as to give Shaw University, his alma school, $10 million in 1991. Furthermore, he founded The Gary Foundation in 1994, which has given historically Black universities millions of dollars in scholarships.

Homes and Toys: 

With that net worth, you know Gary is living the luxury life too.

. Owns not one but TWO private jets (more on those beauties later)

. Previously had a 14,500 sq ft waterfront mega-mansion in Florida

. Sold that expensive property for $5.25 million in 2022 (probably still has amazing homes elsewhere).

Honors and Awards 

. Horatio Alger Award – 1999

. The American Bar Association’s Spirit of Excellence Award – 2019

. In 2004, the South Carolina General Assembly honored Gary with Bill 5050.

. Named one of the “100 Most Influential Black Americans” by Ebony in 2002.

. Forbes “Top 50 Attorneys in the U.S.”

Gary’s Private Jets 

What self-respecting multimillionaire doesn’t own a couple of private jets? Gary is no exception, boasting twin aviation pride and joys:

“The “Wings of Justice II” is a sleek Boeing 737 featuring:”

. 32 passenger seats

. Multiple bedrooms

. $1.2 million sound system (cha-ching!)

. Full kitchen

. The whole plane’s even custom-painted with his name!

Gary can effortlessly manage his national law firm’s cases while traveling in style on the “Wings of Justice” Gulfstream jet for shorter trips.

Florida Mansion Sells For $5 Million in 2022

In 2022, Willie E. Gary sold his long-time Florida residence for $5,225,000.

. 14,500 square foot waterfront home

. Located in the town of Sewall’s Point

. Built the ornate 8 bedroom mansion in 1992

. Included a wine cellar, game room, 5-car garage

. Sold in 2022 for a bit over $5 million

. Had been listed for as high as $6.5 million

Even though the mansion has been sold, Gary probably owns several other luxury properties around the country, considering his immense

The Law Firm of Gary, Williams, Parenti Carrying the Torch 

The Law Firm of Gary, Williams, Parenti, Watson, Gary & Gillespie is based in West Palm Beach, Florida and remains at the forefront of Gary’s nationwide legal empire. 

With son Sekou as a partner, the firm continues its founder’s legacy of doggedly fighting for the little guy against corporate titans. From grievous personal injuries to systematic medical malpractice, no case is too daunting for this juggernaut of justice to tackle.

Willie E. Gary’s Inspiring Words 

“I was born across the tracks, but I was kept by my mother, who gave me something the world could not,” he said in his own words.and that’s a possibility.

These stirring remarks perfectly convey the tenacity and resolve that lifted Gary out of extreme poverty and onto the path to become a $215 million lawyer and philanthropist.

His body of work demonstrates that when you have a steadfast faith in your skills, moral principles, and the ability to bring about justice for all, there is no mountain too high.

That concludes the remarkable life story and legacy of Willie E. Gary, the self-proclaimed “Giant Killer” who defied all odds to get justice and pass down wealth to future generations for his family and community.

Gary’s tale is incredibly inspirational and will stay with you long after you finish reading it, regardless of whether you’re an aspiring lawyer, business owner, or just looking for motivation to reach your goals.


How much did Willie E. Gary make? 

Willie E. Gary’s net worth is estimated at $215 million as of 2024. He made his fortune through contingency fees from winning huge lawsuits.

What happened to Willie Gary? 

Willie E. Gary is still actively practicing law and running his firm. At 77, he remains one of America’s most successful and wealthiest attorneys.

Who is the richest lawyer on earth? 

There is no definitive ranking, but some of the world’s richest lawyers include Willie E. Gary, Joe Jamail Jr. (estimated $1.7 billion), and Bill Neukom ($850 million).

Where does Willie E. Gary live now?

Likely in Florida or elsewhere after selling his longtime Palm Beach mansion in 2022 for over $5 million. His law firm is based in West Palm Beach, FL

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