What Is An Electronic Dartboard?

What Is An Electronic Dartboard? The classic dartboard composed of sisal or cork may be recognisable to anyone who have played or watched darts games.

However, by combining cutting-edge technology and unique features, electronic dartboards have elevated the game to entirely new heights.

An Electronic Dartboard: What Is It? The electronic dartboard features a segmented part with 15.5-inch-diameter plastic moulded holes and a plastic casing. The outcomes of each dart are shown on an LCD scoreboard via a wired receiver that is attached to the holes.

How Does An Electronic Dartboard Work?

A variety of cutting-edge technologies are combined by electronic dartboards to precisely track and score dart throws. These dart boards are equipped with sensors and microchips that track each dart’s impact and deduct points correspondingly.

When compared to manual scoring traditional dartboards, this is a huge gain. The sensors and microchip cooperate to identify the exact target struck and any applicable bonuses or penalties as soon as a dart makes contact with the board’s surface.

Accuracy, average score, current score, and prior scores are just a few of the metrics that are recorded and shown on the board’s digital display. Players can select from a number of game choices that are typically included with electronic dartboards.

Benefits Of Electronic Dartboards:

Electronic dartboards are becoming increasingly popular among both casual players and die-hard dart fanatics for various reasons. 

One of the key benefits of electronic dartboards is their ease and accuracy. Unlike conventional dartboards, they use sensors that precisely locate each dart, ensuring correct scoring. 

Moreover, since everything is automatically computed and displayed on the board, there are no disputes or arguments about the score. 

Electronic dart boards offer a wide range of exciting multiplayer games, including the traditional 501, which enhances the dart-playing experience with flexibility and enjoyment. 

In addition, they often include features that increase the overall entertainment value, such as voice prompts, sound effects, and visual displays. The ability to monitor and evaluate performance is another significant advantage of electronic dartboards.

Drawbacks Of Electronic Dartboards:

One major disadvantage of electronic dartboards is that they are usually more expensive than traditional dartboards. For casual players who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a dartboard, this could be a deal breaker.

Furthermore, some players believe that the satisfying sound of a dart hitting a real board and greater tactile sense are necessary for electronic dartboards, which takes away from the overall enjoyment and strategy of the game.

Additionally, electronic dartboards are less portable than regular dart boards because they need a power source to operate, unlike traditional dart boards that are easily portable or wall-mounted.

How Are Scores Calculated On Electronic Dartboards?

Modern electronic dartboards use a matrix of sensors positioned beneath their surface to detect the location of the darts. Whenever a dart lands on the board, the sensors instantly notify the integrated computer system about its location.

The computer takes into account the position of the dart and the game rules selected by the players to determine the score. 

Typically, the inner ring scores the highest points, with different regions on the dartboard corresponding to different point values.

Even if the dart is slightly off-center or skewed, the computerized dartboard still precisely detects the point of impact to ensure accuracy. 

Modern electronic dart boards also offer additional amenities like player statistics, automatic scoring, and different game variations, which further enhance the overall playing experience.


Can Electronic Dart Boards be used for professional play?

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What features should I consider when buying an Electronic Dartboard?

Think about things like the sensor quality, board durability, game possibilities, display clarity, and extra features like sound effects or online connectivity when buying an electronic dartboard.

Can I use steel-tip darts on an Electronic Dartboard?

According to the particular electronic dartboard. While some types are made to work with both steel-tip and soft-tip darts, others only work with the former. To make sure the product is compatible, check the specs.

How do I maintain and care for an Electronic Dartboard?

Avoid subjecting an electronic dartboard to moisture or extremely high or low temperatures to preserve it. Regular soft cloth cleaning is advised, and soft-tip darts should be changed whenever they show signs of wear or damage.

Are there any safety considerations when using an Electronic Dartboard?

It’s critical to adhere to safety precautions when using an electronic dartboard. Make sure the area around the board is free of obstructions and that players are positioned appropriately apart. To prevent harm, exercise caution when taking darts from the board.

Can I play multiplayer games on an Electronic Dartboard?

Yes, electronic dartboards frequently have multiplayer features that let you play against your loved ones or friends. You may also compete against players from around the world with some models that even enable online connectivity.


Electronic dartboards have brought a revolution in the game of darts by providing accuracy, convenience, and an enjoyable playing experience. 

These dartboards are equipped with advanced features like automatic scoring, multiple game modes, and customizable settings, making them a popular choice for both amateur and professional players. 

Whether you are a seasoned darts enthusiast or a beginner, investing in an electronic dartboard will surely enhance your playing experience and improve your skills.

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